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Kayak Advanced Courses F1/F2

Kajak-Fortgeschritten Übung für Booftechnik
F1-Course (length of course on demand)

In our first advanced kayak course we pick up where we left on the full 4-day-basic course for beginners. So whether you already have some experience in a kayak and want to polish up your skills on the water, or just want to continue on after the basic course - this is the right place for you.
The goal is to work on potential weaknesses in technique and improve your skill level. We also work on safety issues on the river and also your own judgement in what is possible and what not. That way you will be able to have more self-confidence, knowledge and skill and therefore guaranteed a lot more fun on the river.

F2-Course (length of course on demand)

This course is optimal when you are an intermediate paddler that can safely paddle class 2-3 and want to step up the game. We will try to work on each your weaknesses in technique individually. The goal is to make you able to paddle intermediate (class III-IV, depending on skill level) safe and self-reliant. We will also work deeper into safety and rescue issues, as well as whitewater-tactics and group dynamics. For ambitous paddlers we can also use the course to go into aspects as creeking (especially boof-stroke) or freestyle kayaking.

Goals of the course (always vary on skill level of participants and interests in each topics)

  • Safe and self-reliant paddling of WW3+
  • Eskimo-Roll (different techniques, on river)
  • Safety and Rescue-techniques
  • Self-Improvement via Video-Analysis
  • Freestyle-Basics in waves and holes
  • Paddle-Strokes and Techniques
  • Judgement of potential danger, Whitewater-Tactics and group dynamics
  • Boof-technique and basic aspects of crreeking
  • Rope-techniques
€ 90,-
Erwachsener / Tag
inkl. Mwst.
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€ 90,-
Erwachsener / Tag
inkl. Mwst.

Steiermark / Camp Salza

Dates: 20.04.2013, 21.04.2013, 01.05.2013, 02.05.2013, 09.05.2013, 10.05.2013, 15.08.2013, 16.08.2013
Time: 09.30-17.00
Meeting Point: Camp Salza
Requirements F1: Basic-Beginner Course (able to run WW 2 safely)
Requirements F2: Eskimo-Roll, able to run WW 2-3 safely.
Minimum participants: 3


Großreifling 28, 8931 Großreifling, AT