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An overview of all our canyoning trips in Styria and Salzburg. 
 Salzburg/Camp Golling
Canyoning Almbach Sprung am Anfang der Schlucht

Canyoning Almbach

our fun-trip in Salzburg
€ 65,-
 Steiermark/Camp Salza
Canyoning Funtastic Abseiler im Rutschen

Canyoning Fun-tastic

Beginnertrip with a lot of abseiling and slides
€ 70,-
 Steiermark/Camp Salza
Canyoning Jump höchster Sprung für Mutige

Canyoning Jump

Our jump trip in Styria
€ 70,-
 Steiermark/Camp Salza
canyoning tagles rutsche

Canyoning Taglesbach

Canyoningtrip with everything that makes fun
€ 75,-
 Salzburg/Camp Golling
Canyoning Fischbach das mächtige Kanonenrohr

Canyoning Fischbach

a great trip with a lot of abseiling and beautiful nature
€ 90,-
 Steiermark/Camp Salza
Canyoning Bruckgraben Patschnass

Canyoning Bruckgraben

a first-class-canyoningtrip for sporty guests
€ 95,-
 Salzburg/Camp Golling
kombitour canyoning almbach fischbach

"Extracool" in Salzburg

Canyoning with everything you want - 2 trips in 1 day
€ 135,-
 Salzburg/Camp Golling
Canyoning Altersbach Ausblick Mondsee

Canyoning Altersbach

Spectacular Abseiling-Canyon with breathtaking view
€ 125,-